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    Customer Support

    Having recently gone through the "What airplane am I going to build" dilemma, customer support was one of several key criterion for me. Working my way through the Cruzer Rudder kit, I have verified what others have told me, namely that support from Roger at Zenith is outstanding. Emails on a few beginner questions are answered courteously and knowledgeably within 24 hours.

    For some, the decision on what to build is very easy, while others (like me) need time to work through the decision. (Cruzer vs RV12 vs S19, Zenith vs Vans vs Rans, etc.) From perspective of customer support, Zenith is top notch.

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    I don't even own a kit at the moment. I called Zenith regarding their pneumatic riveter. Guess what...

    Roger spent about ten minutes schooling me on all the nuances of pneumatic riveters. That's real customer service for a person who is not even a customer.

    So...hats off to Roger...and of course the whole rest of the gang at Zenith.

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    I concur-Roger is the best! Zenith's customer support is second to none!
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