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Thread: CH750 Cruzer - Rudder ribs

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    Oliver-I looked at your blog and I'm glad you're taking the time to make those shims. There are many places on the rest of the airplane where you will need to make shims also. The plans or manual don't call for them, but the shims make a much nicer airplane!
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    Looks like a comfortable shop you have there Oliver!
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    Quote Originally Posted by KSFlyer View Post
    Looks like a comfortable shop you have there Oliver!
    Haha, indeed. This is our family room, which we never used since we also have a living room. All we did was to put some cheap laminate in, to turn it into an air conditioned work shop.
    I have also converted an unused room in our basement into a paint booth - the filtered air is sucked out by a fan. I'm using waterbased Stewart Systems ExoPoxy primer, which contains almost no solvents and which doesn't smell. I am very happy with this combination of paint and paint booth.

    The only downside is, that the Zenith fuselage will be too big for our shop, longer parts also don't fit into the paint booth. I therefore just started putting some insulation, a heater an a 240V outlet into our garage.
    To avoid crazy heating costs, we will start with the fuselage first, to take advantage of the warmer summer temperatures and build the wings and tailfeathers over the winter in our workshop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JustPlaneChris View Post
    One benefit(?) to plans building: When my parts don't fit I have no one but myself to get mad at.
    Generally, I agree with you on this point, Chris. However, I have found several places in the plans where there are errors in measurements and/or locations of bend lines. I have caught myself making my own measurement errors and such, but that's usually before I cut/form a part. I usually find the blueprint errors when I try to assemble a part. I've learned the hard way to visualize assembly and do some math before I start drilling on some of the more complex assemblies. I know once I get to the fuselage, I'll be re-making a few cabin parts. It's my understanding that Zenith uses Solidworks for all their production design stuff, and the blueprints they send with kits are, for lack of a better phrase, watered down. I would guess that some of the updates they do in Solidworks do not make it to the plans package immediately. I know they constantly adjust their designs to have the match-hole drilling turn out properly, and are constantly improving that aspect of the kits daily. I could list a lot of the discrepancies I've found, but they would largely only apply to plans builders of the STOL CH750.
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