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Thread: Unboxing and Buliding Zenith's New Matched-Hole Vert Stab (Video)

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    Thank you for the video, Mark. Did u have to pay the new vertical fin kit? Thank u.
    Ronald LeBlanc, 750 Cruzer builder

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    Ronald, no I didn't. When I built my vert stab, since there were no instructions, I did what anyone would do-I lined up the aft edge of the skin with the spar, and drilled all the holes. Then later I found out that the aft edge of the skin actually has to be trimmed first.

    Later on when I went to finish up the tail and realized it didn't fit as I built it, I was going to order a new skin from Zenith. I sent an e-mail to Sabastian and to Roger very nicely explaining my dissatisfaction that after them aggressively marketing the Cruzer for two years, they still haven't taken the time to complete the manuals so builders like me were left 'guessing' how to build it. I was very polite, but I let it be known I was not happy. With the e-mail, I let them know that I would be ordering a new skin and asked for a discount.

    Roger indicated that they were (are) coming out with a new matched hole vert stab and he offered to either send me a new skin to fix mine, or a whole new stab with all the matched hole parts. I opted for the new tail. So It was provided to me at Zenith's expense.

    This is one of the reasons I always brag about how good Zenith's customer support is-it's excellent. But I've also stated that if they would put some focus on internal processes, they might not need to have such good support.
    Mark Pensenstadler
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    Newbie question...what do you coat the internal structure with?
    Just decided the other day to start building the 750 STOL (first-time builder). So please forgive the million questions soon to come.

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