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Thread: Interior Carpet

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    Wow, this is some plush carpet. Looks good and cozy.
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    I like M Blue or Opal. I feel the grey would just show dirt and dust too much.

    I was going to suggest something that we have in my car and I noticed the photo you shared had it too. Some cars have removable carpet liners on top of the actual carpet, with little nubs in the floor to hold them steady via holes in the corners of the removable liners. Perhaps you might consider that an option?

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    I've finished all the carpet pieces for my interior. The blue carpet looks great and I'm currently having my seats made so I'm excited to get it all together.

    To make the final back piece of carpet, I took all the measurements of the baggage compartment and drew it out on a large sheet of painters paper. Then I cut out the template and installed it in the plane to make sure it fit. It's a little difficult to do because being paper, it doesn't want to stay in place too well. But, it's enough to check fit...

    Once I verified that it fit, I traced the pattern onto the carpet and cut it out...

    Last step is to install it in the plane! It fit's almost perfectly but there's a couple of spots where I need to trim it just slightly...

    None of the carpet at this point is secured in any way. It's literally just laying in place. Even with nothing holding it in place, it sits very nicely so only a few small pieces of carpet tape will hold it in once I'm ready to permanently install it. Now I can't wait to put the new seats in!!
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