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    Access Panels

    Hey Gang,

    I fellow local Zenith owner has had some issues with his fuel tank senders, and has complained about the lack of access the stock panels give in those locations (really tight, even for small hands). I've seen lots of different approaches to access panels (including those offered by Mr. Race). I've also seen lots of DIY solutions. Wondering what everyone here may be doing for access panels. Are you adding more? Are you designing anything new? What parts of the plane do you feel really should have access panels that aren't already there?

    I am considering adding a few in the cabin to access some of the control connections, at least one in the tail cone, one in each wingtip or bottom wing surface, and larger fuel sender panels. I also want to add nut plates to the panel for the trim tab or use a CNC flush panel from Mr. Race. I'm a ways off on those choices, and all could be retrofitted, but where does everyone stand on these?

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    I have not built a 750 yet, but I can tell you I have seen several guys add access panels to the wing tips, and several on the inboard wing root skin.

    Just something to consider...

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