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Thread: Anyone with experience painting?

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    Anyone with experience painting?

    I've painted two tube-and-fabric airplanes and they are pretty simple to paint. Now I'm starting to think about painting the Cruzer and I'm not sure exactly how to prep the surface. I know that the aluminum should be scuffed, but it's not really possible to scuff right up to the rivet. The scotch-bright pad will leave a little halo around the rivet where it did not touch the surface.

    Did you use alodyne on the surface? How do you cover the entire fuselage with it? I'm assuming a large plastic sheet would be placed under the plane? And does the alodyne affect the lexan windows or the plastic wingtips?

    Perhaps someone here with experience can help us all by describing your process.
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    I'm trying to start thinking about this as well even though it will most likely be next year before actually applying paint on anything but small parts. I'm currently planning on going with Stewart Systems.
    Here is a thread on the Zenith Builders that I found from last year.


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