As you might have noticed, any photos posted on the forums which are hosted by Photobucket are no longer showing up in the posts. There's now a link you have to click to see the photo. The link takes you to the Photobucket site. Photobucket is now trying to extort $400 per year to allow access to the photos on the forums. As we all know anyway, the Photobucket website is very difficult to use and slow as dirt because it is constantly displaying ad after ad.

I've found a new website called

I've just started using it and so far it is extremely fast and easy to use.

1. Go to and create an account

2. Upload a photo

3. Once it's uploaded, click on it...

4. Above the photo, click the "Share" button.

5. Copy the "Hotlink to Forums" code.

6. Insert code into your post just like before. Note that while you are typing your post and after you insert the code, you will just see the photo code. But once you publish your post everyone will see the actual photo.