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Thread: 750 Super Duty Cruzer

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    750 Super Duty Cruzer

    It's going to happen - I asked the guys at the factory over the weekend during the open hangar event!

    Anyone else looking forward to seeing it?
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    I think it will be a huge success, as quite a few people, including myself, would prefer an O-320 / 340 / 360 over any of the engines which are available for the regular CruZer.

    I also like the third seat and the higher useful load, which might come in handy every once in a while.

    If we wouldn't already be working on a regular CruZer, we would certainly wait for the SD CruZer...
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    Is there any further news on this? Did anyone attend Sebring 2018 and ask Roger or Sebastien about this? I'd love to see the Super Duty Cruzer with the same 33 foot wing span, but with no slats, and a slightly faster less STOLish wing design.

    While they are at it...I wish they's make the vertical stab a bit sexier looking. I know it is perfectly functional...much like the vertical tails on the older Cessnas, but Cessna went to a swept tail for looks, and a slight vertical fin touch up might likewise help the Zenith with its empennage esthetics. YMMV.

    So, it seems Sun-N-Fun would be the perfect place for the Cruzer Super Duty to be rolled out. Just saying....

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    Wow I would love to see this SD Cruzer! I definitely would have went that route if it was available when I bought my Cruzer. Maybe someday if I need a four seater....
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