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    Jersey STOL

    Hello All,
    My name is Gary Tashjian. I have been a pilot since '99 and just recently decided to buy or build an airplane. I have never built a plane before, but I like the idea of complete ownership (still a bit on the fence about building).
    I am planning on building the 750 kit, component by component, starting with the Rudder Starter Kit. A few questions right out of the gate:
    1) Has anyone built this before without attending the class on site?
    2) What am I looking at in terms of tools? What does and does not come with this starter set?
    3) What do I use to prime/coat the internal structure?

    That's all for now. Look forward to chatting with all of you.


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    HI Gary and welcome to the forums. If you're on the fence about building, do it! Building an airplane will be the most rewarding and sometimes frustrating task ever. You will learn so much more than you ever though about structures, electrical circuits, engines, etc... It's a super fun project and very rewarding.

    To answer your questions, you certainly don't have to attend a workshop to get started. The workshops are a nice way to be introduced to what's involved and learning the first basic steps, but it's not rocket science. Cleco Part A to Part B and rivet just as the manual states.

    Not many special tools are required to build a Zenith, but I'll be honest-the more tools you have the easier it is to do certain tasks; especially if later on you want to start modifying things. You will need a good cordless drill with lots of #30, 40, and #20 drill bits. A regular vixen file, sandpaper, drill press, vice, and debur tools. You will also need a hand squeezer and pneumatic rivet puller with Zenith's special tips (all available from Zenith).

    You last question regarding priming is where you need to do a lot of your own research because everyone you ask will give you a different answer. Priming the internal structure is not even required (unless you live in a salt water area) and if I were to start over again, I would not prime since I live in Michigan. Again, everyone will give you a different opinion.

    If you choose to prime, you can use NAPA 7220 self-etching priming, SEM primer, two-part epoxy primer, etc... The NAPA primer is probably the cheapest and easiest method since it's right out of a spray can.

    If you can, visit a local person who is building a Zenith and ask them to show you his or her project. It really helps to see everything in person if you can.
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