Hmmm. I feel a bit odd starting this all off. This is my first ever posting and also the very first posting for this Super Duty forum category. Moreover, it is probably a very mundane and silly question. .

It's about build time.

I am looking at two Zenith models and one from another manufacturer also located in the Midwest. Anyway, one of my big concerns is the time required to finish a kit. I know that at the time of this writing ( Dec. 2017) the Super Duty is not yet available.

It has been encouraging to see Roger and Sebastien both mention that "advanced" kit techniques will shorten the time greatly. I am really hoping everything is matched hole, pre-sized, no deburring, and that as minimum of drilling will be needed.

So, does anyone have any early thoughts on the build complexity and required construction time of the Super Duty? It has also been mentioned that the Super Duty is a whole lot like the 4 place Zenith 801. I like to think that Zenith has made a lot of updates. I know the 801, for whatever reasons, is a rare bird to spot in the wild. I am not sure why it is not more popular.

Anyway, I am looking forward to hearing from experienced Zenith Builders.