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Thread: Zenith 701 Kit - The New vs. Older Kit Build Times.

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    Zenith 701 Kit - The New vs. Older Kit Build Times.

    The Zenith 701 has been around since forever ( believe about the mid-80's). The 701 is the one other Zenith i might consider putting together, but because it's ancestry is so old, I wonder if the complexity of the x=construction techniques also are old and require substantial build time.

    What i am saying is that contemporary kist are largely all match hole, pre-sized, pre-deburred, and a minimum of cutting and drilling is needed. All this CNC and 3D modeling technology that makes modern kits much easier to assemble was not available back then.

    So, have the 2017-2018 Zenith 701 kit incorporated a lot of these new changes, Is it now too just as easy to assemble as newer kits like the Cruzer? I saw in one video where Roger D. says that the Cruzer is even more easy to assemble than the CH 750 STOL because of match hole techniques. Well...hmmm..

    Does that imply that the ease of construction advances available for the Cruzer are not incorporated in the CH750 STOL? SO where does that leave the almost prehistoric 701? I hope that Zenith has made some changes to make 701 construction easier.

    Of course, does that mean that the FAA Kit evaluation team has to come in an re-evaluate everything. Ugh.

    If anyone has any details regarding the status of any construction improvements on the 701, please post.

    Post Edit: I forgot to ask....can an adjustable seat (sliding seat pan ) be installed or retrofitted into a 701?
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    I received two recent emails from Joyce at Zenith regarding the match hole / final size hole situation for the 701.

    She said that probably within the year they will have their 701 with all these latest easy to build features.

    Seems a 701 with final sized, no-deburring needed holes would almost snap together overnight :-)

    Maybe 300-350 hours ??

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