I spent most of the day slowly trimming the windshield. I might be done, but I may still need to trim a little more off of the bottom.

When I had the windshield on the plane, I started in the bottom center and trimmed and fit the passenger side. Once I had the passenger side trimmed, I was wondering how I could trim the pilot side to match the passenger side.

So what I did was draw lines perpendicular from each rivet and then makes marks every inch. I numbered the rivets from one to ten.

For example in the pic above, the windshield intersects rivet line #1 at just under the 5.5" mark. So I take that measurement and go over to the left side and mark off a line on the windshield just under 5.5".

Once I do that for every line, then I have all the marks on the untrimmed pilot side. That allowed me to remove the windshield and make the cut so that it is the same as the other side.

The next step is to drill the holes in the side vertical frame tubes, but I need another set of hands to help hold the windshield in place while I drill. So, that's where I'll stop for the day. Making progress!!