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    New member, Canada

    Thanks to Mark, afyer the custom seat YT video I was invited to the forum. Glad to see there is a place to discuss zenith info without them policing the content.

    Jacques Belec is my name, I'm in Ottawa, Canada. Mechanical Engineer and I have extensive experience with aeronautical machining. I have partly built a Cricri before but I'm to heavy now so I switched projects, now scratch building the 10367 cruzer, got the plans for 200 USD used, I couldn't believe it!

    I'm taking inspiration in the turbine 701 as the spirit of my build, that means I will deviate from the plans to build a better plane imop!

    That means : solid rivets, custom engine cowling, lightweight composite seats, manual flaps, better brake pedals, alodine the entire thing, no rivet in tubes that's silly, bearing in all controls joints, aviation grade aluminium in stressed parts. And many more.. DIY floats, no way I'm paying 4,000 for a float kit that has 400$ worth of metal in it. Will reverse engineer them. Already done actually

    I'll post pictures, just started the cutting in machining, last year's I was planning and making my CAD and Bill of material, for the entire plane I'm looking at 4,000, rather than 20,000 + for the kit. So it's as much an economical decision than the satisfaction to build it from scratch.


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    Welcome and please keep us posted on your build. Sounds like you are going to have a very interesting project!
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    Welcome, Jacques. Nice to see you here!
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