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Thread: CH-801 as Basis for Zenith Cruzer Super Duty Edition

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    Some of the 701 guys (and 750 guys) remove the slats and they say they get an extra 10 mph in cruise. My guess is it would be the same in the SD.
    Thanks for the info.

    I recall reading about that years ago. Found the following links again.

    The True Story about Leading Edge Slats
    How Zenair 701 & Savannah aircraft fly better with VGs than with Slats!!!

    Flight Testing Slats vs VGs

    Detailed flight testing results of three different wing configurations:
    - Original Slats.
    - Original wing with VGs instead of slats.
    - Savannah ‘VG’ leading edge.
    Edit: One more Link:

    I'd prefer to buy a wing that already is designed for no anterior slats and is maybe a little thinner for better speed. I do like the 33 foot wing span. If Maule and Bearhawk can do it, so can Zenith. Produce a Zenith 750 Super Duty Traveler Please... :-)
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    I found something interesting that popped up on the Zenith Canada website. Some updates on a Zenith 801 Super Duty (vs their "HD" regular model)


    Here are a few Excerpts:

    Introducing the NEWEST CH 801 model!
    The new CH 801-SD has a longer wing span, more tail surface and a greatly increased useful load!

    The above blue and yellow aircraft is the first US-based Super-Duty STOL CH 801-SD. With a top-of-the-line engine (Titan IO-370), Propeller (by Catto), Avionics (by Garmin) and a long list of special features and custom options, this aircraft features the all-new Super-Duty airframe with Extended wings, Extended elevator, Extended range, Extended weight limits, etc.

    The new "Super-Duty" (SD) is available in standard kit form, as a "Quick-Build" kit, or fully assembled through a custom "Builder-Assistance" program. See below for aircraft specifications and standard kit prices; contact Zenair for Quick-Built kit prices or assembled aircraft options.
    More Wing!
    The new STOL CH 801-SD design has 4 feet additional wingspan than the lighter "HD" model. That's 2 feet per side, for a total wing area of 189 square feet. This added lifting capability allows the aircraft to carry higher loads, whether passengers or cargo. At lighter loads, the larger wing allows for even more spectacular short take-offs and STOL performances.
    STOL CH 801 Complete Airframe Kit (Standard)
    The standard kits for the STOL CH 801 HD or SD models comes with all parts to build the airframe: The complete kit includes the factory riveted wing spars, pre-formed sheet-metal parts (ribs, skins, etc.), factory-welded parts, landing gear system and wheels, standard fuel system, controls, and all hardware required for assembly. Not included in the airframe kit: firewall-forward package, powerplant, instruments & avionics, paint, and upholstery. Assembly Drawings and Manuals included.

    Here are a few basics:

    • Wing is a lot bigger at 35ft 4 inches and 189 square feet.
    • The fuse is longer at 24 feet 6 inches
    • Up to 60 Gallon fuel capacity
    • The horizontal stab width has increase to 11 feet 11 inches ( wow; I think that bigger than the Cessna 182 ? )
    • Gross weight 2700 lbs, Empty 1300 lbs, Useful Load 1400 lbs ( so it hauls more than it weighs empty ) However, elsewhere they mention 1200 lbs useful, so this figure may still be in flux.

    Okay..I am pretty excited. Can I get the wing with a NO SLAT option? It is not a Cruzer, but maybe close enough. Oh yeah. It has to be match hole final size, or else I'll never finish it. If Sebastien and Roger can manage to develop such easy to build matched/final hole sized kits in Missouri, I am hoping they can do the same up in Ontario. I mean ....why not eh ? :-)

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