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Thread: My recently purchased 2008 AMD CH601KLi-B S-LSA

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    My recently purchased 2008 AMD CH601KLi-B S-LSA

    It looks like I'm the first to post on the 601 specific forum, and that's quite an honor.

    I bought a seldom used factory built AMD CH601XLi-B S-LSA in March, and in late November had the certification changed from S-LSA to E-LSA by Brian Carpenter, A&P I/A, and DAR at Rainbow Aviation Services in Corning, CA, near Red Bluff. This change allows me to perform maintenance and modifications to my Zodiac. In early December, I took Rainbow's FAA approved LSA Repairman - Inspection course, and last week received my Repairman - Inspection certificate from the Oakland FSDO. This certification permits me to perform and sign off annual conditions inspections on my Zodiac.

    Powerplant is a Continental O-200-A, and the airplane is IFR certified.

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    Wow that's a nice looking airplane! I love the paint scheme and the colors!
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    On the way back to Oakland from Corning after the DAR inspection I had a ground speed of 128 knots with a 10 knot tailwind. It's faster than my old '63 172D. I'm very happy with its cross-country performance.

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